I did it! I finally read a book I’ve had on my TBR list for years! Just finished HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE by Dale Carnegie and I loved it. Where to start? So . . . this book was written in 1936, but it was rewritten in the 80’s making it super easy to read. It doesn’t feel dated at all, except for the historical examples which were actually very cool because he talks about prominent figures during that era. (And this is coming from someone who usually doesn’t gravitate toward history books). I thought this book would be “salesy” and maybe that’s why I put it off for so long even though its consistently ranked one of the 100 most influential books. (I’m not really into fake/salesy stuff —I hate “networking”, etc.) BUT I was so surprised by all the fantastic takeaways on how to deal with “difficult” people and arguments. Bottom line: If you want people to treat you well, treat them well! 😉. Some of my favorite tips:.
📖Don’t criticize or complain.
📖Be appreciative.
📖Be genuinely interested in other people.
📖Be a good listener.
📖Try honestly to see things from the other’s POV.
📖When you’re wrong, admit it.
📖Show sympathy and empathy for others.
Have you read this one? 👍🏻👎🏻.
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I did it! I finally...

Just a little reminder to take time each day to do something you love! Even if it’s just to read one chapter of that new book on your shelf or write a few paragraphs of prose. There are 24 hours in a day—you can take 30 min for yourself, I promise. 😘. (As a corporate lawyer sometimes billing  200+ hour months, I had to tell myself this daily. No one is going to give us the time to do these things—we have to take it for ourselves!). •
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📖Do What You Love by @leigh.standley.
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Just a little reminder to...

I’ve got about 8 more chapters to go to finish the second draft of my new YA urban fantasy manuscript and it got me thinking... Do you guys read authors who write more than one genre? Because I read all kinds of YA and I write it, too! The first book I wrote was a YA romance/coming of age, my second book is a YA survival thriller, and then after this urban fantasy I want to write an homage to my favorite 80s/90s teen horrors (think SCREAM and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER). So...do you read whatever the authors you love write OR will you only read one genre of theirs? People I see who I personally think do multi-genres well:
•Jennifer Armentrout (YA fantasy, NA and Adult romance, YA thriller).
•Stephen King/Richard Bachman (horror and literary/upmarket fiction).
•Abbi Glines (NA fantasy, NA romance, YA romance).
•Neil Gaiman (what genre doesn’t he write? 😂).
•JK Rowling/Robert Galbraith (MG/YA fantasy and literary fiction).
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I’ve got about 8 more...

Raise your hand if you miss the bookstore. ✋🏻.
This photo was taken at @thewritersblocklv in Las Vegas. Bet you didn’t know Vegas has a killer bookstore like this one! Definitely worth checking out next time you’re on the Strip. Sending all my indie bookstores love right now & patiently waiting to come back in and shop!🃏♠️📚😉.
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Raise your hand if you...

Always BEE Yourself. 🐝. ——-.
I often get asked why I read so much Young Adult when I myself am no longer a teen, LOL. For me, I love YA for the nostalgia and escapism & entertainment aspects. (I also write YA so like to support my fellow writers and know what’s going on in the YA space). But most importantly—and I say this all the time—I think you should be yourself and read whatever you like and never let anyone make you feel bad about it! There is so much to be said for allowing yourself the “guilty pleasures” in life. You deserve it! Tell me, do you have a genre you like to read that other people don’t “get”? (Between you and I, I also love myself a good trashy read on occasion!). •
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Always BEE Yourself. 🐝. ——-....

Books Are Everything. 📖❤️.
And oh heyyyyy, is your book spending out of control during the pandemic? Don’t worry—I’ve got a roundup coming soon of the best places to get all the free books your little bookworm heart can handle. I’ll let you know when it’s ready to snag! (Hopefully soon!😘).
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Books Are Everything. 📖❤️. ——-....

Tell me a book you didn’t think you’d like but now you’re grateful to have read. 📖❤️.
I’ll go first. My pick is INTO THIN AIR by @krakauernotwriting. When I was writing my Young Adult survival thriller SKI WEEKEND (hopefully headed your way in 2021!), I went through a reading spurt where I was reading all the survival fiction and nonfiction. I’ve never been into adventure sports (sorry! former corporate litigator and naturally risk-adverse wimpy person over here ✋🏻). I also am not a huge memoir or biography fan unless it’s Hollywood/celebrity or entrepreneurs. So a memoir-type book about adventure mountain climbing did NOT seem up my alley. I am shocked by how much I loved and now treasure this book. It’s one of the most interesting, thrilling, saddest, haunting, life-affirming stories I’ve ever read. All the stuff you hope for in survival fiction, but I didn’t think I’d find in survival nonfiction. And now I recommend it all the time! (Also, I feel like it really helped me flesh out a lot of themes for my own fiction novel based in the mountains.) Okay, your turn! 👇🏻. •
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Tell me a book you...

When books imitate reality. The shopping addiction is real, my friends! 😂🛒. Although, I have to say, most recently I have been focused on buying things for personal development (as opposed to clothes/shoes) like masterminds, online courses, paying for services such as website & editing. But ofc I will always ALWAYS love fashion!.
Speaking of personal development, I’ve been thinking about what kind of classes I’d like to teach to share my best tips on writing & book blogging. Is there something you struggle with that you’d like to learn more about? Some ideas I have been kicking around.:
📖How do you stay creative?.
📖How do you write when you are a full time business woman OR a full time stay at home (I’ve done both!!!). 📖Instagram/social media for authors.
📖How to get started writing your first book.
📖Write a book in 90 days.
📖How to start a book blog.
📖Tik Tok for authors and book bloggers. •
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When books imitate reality. The...

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