14 Travel Essentials for Bookish Girls on the Go

14 Travel Essentials for Bookish Girls on the Go

People are always asking me for travel tips so I thought I’d share my travel essentials for girls on the go. I don’t like a big, bulky bag so most everything I bring with me serves multiple purposes. And, of course, because I’m usually writing, blogging, or reading, lots of my travel essentials serve that purpose as well!

1.  Travel Tote Bag

I like a tote bag that’s big and roomy enough to handle all my essentials but that’s also dressy enough that it can double as a day or night bag on my trips. Though it was a splurge, this luxurious Chanel Grand Shopping Tote is THE perfect bag for this. If you’re looking for something more fun you can take to the beach and not worry about ruining, you can find some adorable bookish totes on Society6. Here is one of my favorites for Gilmore Girls lovers.

2. E-reader

I’m literally reading books 24/7 so even on a weekend getaway I absolutely have to have an e-reader otherwise books alone would take up half my suitcase. Though I prefer my Kindle Paperwhite at home because it’s easier on the eyes, for travel I like my iPad because it also serves as an entertainment center for all my movies and TV shows (hello “Vampire Diaries,” “Walking Dead,” and “Game of Thrones,” I’m looking at YOU!). Plus I can work on my latest novel, answer emails, and even play video games all without having to lug around my laptop. The free Kindle app is a great place to get books for your e-readers and Kindle Unlimited is a great option to get as many books as your heart desires for one low monthly payment of $9.99/month. If you want a free 2-month trial, you can check it out using my code here.

3. Phone + Sassy Case

I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone. I like picking out cute cases that protective my phone AND show off my personality. I absolutely adore the cases that Chick Lit Designs does — I’ve got a few of the Harry Potter ones.

4. Headphones 

I blog about Beats headphones a lot and I swear I’m not being paid by Dr. Dre or Apple, I’m just a huge Beats fan. Even though they’re a little bulky, I can’t travel without them. I’m not the best flyer in the world and these bad boys really cut out all the noise. Plus, I think they’re super stylish, especially in a killer white and rose gold tone.

5. Wrap

Wraps are the ultimate multi-tasker: they serve as both a functional blanket and a stylish accessory. I always travel with one to keep me warm and cozy on a plane or in the car and then I also use it as a jacket/sweater if it’s chilly at night. For that reason, I suggest luxurious materials like cashmere, wool, or silk that you can dress up or down and a basic colors that will go with anything like a classic monogram Louis Vuitton shawl.

6. Audiobooks

I love audiobooks and podcasts for travel. They’re especially great for long plane rides and car drives. Audible is one of the most well-known services to get audiobooks from (run by Amazon) and I’m a big fan. You can use my referral code here to get a free trial and 2 books free. Libro.fm is a new service to get audiobooks and it helps support local bookstores. You can check out my referral code here for a discount.

7. Stickers!!!

My planner (see above) has me reliving my childhood love of stickers. There are so many adorable stickers to choose from and so many different ways to use them. Being the book lover I am, my favorite stickers right now are fandom stickers for my favorite books/movies/tv shows like The Walking Dead, Harry Potter, etc. I get all my stickers on Etsy and so far my favorite bookish sticker shops are Read and Wonder (though shipping to U.S. takes FOREVER) and One Punky Mama Design.

8. Stylus

I use my stylus for my iPad to easily mark-up and edit my stories on a PDF reader app I use called iAnnotate PDF (it’s the best app I’ve found for this purpose). A stylus is also fun for drawing apps if I’m really bored. Sticking with the multi-purpose theme of this post, I only buy ones that also have a normal pen on the other side which comes in handy for filling out custom forms, making notes in my planner, etc.

9. Jane Iredale Sunscreen Powder

My absolute favorite cruelty free, dermatologist recommended, sunscreen powder is Jan Iredale pressed powder + SPF. I never travel anywhere without it. It’s super flattering, vegan, made of good ingredients, and protects you from wrinkles. What more could you want for a long day of travel? (P.S. I get it in the color “Warm Silk”.)

10. Eye Glasses

I’m blind as a bat but normally wear my contacts. For long trips, I like to give my eyes a rest and sport eye glasses instead. I have to admit, I still feel a bit self conscious in glasses but think a pretty frame can make a world of difference. If you are looking for blue light blocker glasses for reading on the plane/train/bus/car, here’s the pair I love and always recommend.

11. Book Sleeves

It’s official! I am a book sleeve addict. These cute little pocket covers are perfect for protecting your most precious hardbacks and paperbacks while traveling. Here’s a llama-themed book sleeve I love, but there are plenty others to check out on Amazon and Etsy.

12. Antibacterial Soap

I’m a germ-phobe so antibacterial soap always comes with me whenever I’m traveling with the masses. I really like the handy towelettes by Wet Ones because you don’t have to worry about TSA liquid rules with them and I also feel like they’re less messy and don’t spill in your bag like the bottles.

13. Socks

Cute socks are a must for long plane rides. You’ll want to take your shoes off and plane’s can be cold. Why not do this in style? Especially, when there are so many cute sock brands to choose from. One of my favorite brands, Blue Q Crew has the cutest ones here on Amazon. I also really like Sock it to Me’s socks and Out of Print also has super cute book-themed socks here.

14. Chocolate!

I’m a choc-o-holic so am rarely without chocolate. I’m also currently writing a survival Young Adult novel about teens who get stuck in the wilderness with nothing to eat, so now one of my greatest fears is getting trapped somewhere without food. I know it’s a little nutty, but always having a little chocolate on me makes me feel just a bit more in control. My preference is dark chocolate because it’s the healthiest for you, but who am I kidding, I will eat whatever chocolate you put in front of me.

So what are your travel essentials? Let me know in the COMMENTS below. And for some more travel suggestions, make sure to check out my favorite travel books.