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Launched in 2013, is a literature and lifestyle destination curated by rektok ROSS. The website covers everything from book recommendations and book-inspired trends to lifestyle ideas so you can live that #booklife every day.

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About rektok ROSS

Rektok Ross is an author, journalist, book/lifestyle blogger, and influencer.

Ross was born in a small town in South Florida. Her love affair with books began at a young age when her mother–an elementary school teacher– instilled in her a love of reading. Ross spent most of her childhood in public libraries and book stores.

As a columnist for the national online magazine The Examiner, Ross has reported on news and trends in literature, covering the red carpet and premiere circuit for numerous high-profile events and film festivals and interviewing stars ranging from widely popular television shows like “The Vampire Diaries” and “Game of Thrones,” to book-to-film adaptations like “Beautiful Creatures,” to best selling authors such as Lauren Kate of the “Fallen” series.

Ross is also the author of the best-selling novel, PRODIGAL, and has written, produced, and directed the comedy short WEASELS with her brother. Ross voiced many of the characters for WEASELS and the film screened in 2011 at the Boca Film Festival.

Ross received her journalism degree from The University of Florida where she graduated with honors, and her law degree from The University of Miami where she graduated magna cum laude. Ross interned in the legal and business affairs department of the infamous Miramax Studios and has practiced law at a top ten international law firm for over a decade. ROSS is also a former board member of The Fashionistas Foundation, a fashion arts nonprofit led by Heidi Dillon of “Big Rich Texas,” “Real Housewives of Dallas,” and Morning Dew Pictures fame.

She currently splits time between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York and has a white golden retriever Falkor–named after the flying dragon from favorite childhood book/movie “The Neverending Story.

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