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Bath Essentials for Bookworms

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If sprucing up your bath time is on your list, here’s some help! Whether it’s a bath bomb, some candles, or a great book, there are easy ways to transform your bath experience into a lux spa experience without having to leave home. Read on to find out how to up your bathroom game with the perfect bath essentials for bookworms (and everyone else)!

lush face mask for bookworms

1. Face Mask: A face mask is a must when lounging in the tub. I really love this mud mask by Lush. It’s vegan and doesn’t test on animals which is important to me — in fact, they’ve even joined a campaign to end animal testing in China.  I also like the consistency and feel like it does a good job cleaning out your pores because of the clay and fresh peppermint that reach deep down and give you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. Also, the packaging is super cute!

Lush Mask of  Magnaminty ($26.62)

bath bombs for bookworms

2. Bath Bombs: My favorite bath bombs are all natural and handmade from Northern California store Lather and Fizz. After all the stresses of the day, what you really need is to RELAX with a good book and a bath. They come in all different scents but I really like the Relax Bath Bomb which is scented with blue lavender and palarosa essential oil blend that will help you find that little peace and quiet you’ve been looking for all day.
Lather and Fizz Bath Bombs ($29.95 for group of 4)

candles for bookworms

3. Candles: I just love candles to set the mood for a bath and it doesn’t get any cuter than these “book-themed” candles by Frostbeard Studio. There are so many scents to choose from but I’m kind of partial to “Through the Wardrobe” because it’s a relaxing blue color & scent and because “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” is a fav book of mine.

Frostbeard Studio Candle ($18.00)

hair mask

4. Hair Mask: Bath time is the perfect time to treat your hair to a moisturizing and nutrient-packed mask. I really like the hair masks from It’s a 10 because they leave my hair feeling soft and also because, like Lush cosmetics, they are also cruelty free as part of the Leaping Bunny Program.

It’s a 10 Hair Mask ($20.98)

5. A Good Book: For bath time, I recommend something that can be digested in short spurts like a fun non-fiction self-help/empowerment book or business book or even a fiction anthology (you can check out all my favorite anthologies here). Otherwise you risk staying in the tub too long and coming out a prune 🙂

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso ($9.60)

What are your bath essentials? Let me know in the COMMENTS below! For more lounging essentials, check out The Best Reading Robes.