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The Cutest Pajamas for Bookworms

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There’s no better way to enjoy the holidays then to cozy up in a cute pair of PJs with a killer book. Here are the top picks for THE cutest pajamas for bookworms!

Victoria's Secret fireside pajamas

I’m pretty much obsessed with these adorable Victoria’s Secret Fireside Pajamas. The patterns are super cute and I love that they come with a matching eye mask. Plus, it’s hard to beat the price — only $39.50!

All Things Fabulous dinosaur pajamas

Anyone else have a JURASSIC PARK obsession? Then these super soft All Things Fabulous T-Rex pajamas (top $121.00, bottom $128.00) are the ones for you! Seriously, how ah-mazing was that book?

Wildfox romper

A pajama romper? YES PLEASE! If you want to look stylish while lounging, this Wildfox Christmas romper is perfect ($118.00).

pink Cosabella pajamas

Say hello to the softest, most lux pajamas ever! Cosabella’s long-sleeve pj set might be pricey but they’re worth every penny ($130.00)

PJ Salavage polar bear pajamas

Um . . . does it get any cuter than polar bear pajamas in the winter? These PJ Salvage flannel pajamas ($63.00) are perfect for sitting under the tree and asking Santa for more books!

Forever21 cat pajamas

If you’re going for whimsical, what’s better than a plush cat print onesie? Love this Forever 21 jumper and the price won’t break the bank at only $27.90!

Which of the above do you think are the cutest pajamas? Any other amazing brands that I missed? Let me know in the COMMENTS below. For more bookworm loungewear, make sure to check out Fashionable Robes for Reading and Writing.