DIY: Fandom Patch Denim Shorts

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Looking to give your old shorts an upgrade? Don’t toss them–make them into fandom patch denim shorts! Are you a GAME OF THRONES addict? Obsessed with STRANGER THINGS? Still waiting for your letter to Hogwarts? Or maybe you’re the chosen one looking for your Angel (or Spike)? Let your fandom flag fly by making a pair of unique shorts that tell everyone what you love to read or watch, PLUS it’s a great chance up-cycle old clothes and save money.

First Step: Pick a Patch

You’ll want to start designing your fandom patch denim shorts by first going online and picking your bookish/tv/movie-themed patches. Both Etsy and Amazon have an amazing selection–that’s where the patches on these shorts came from. It’s best to get a selection (try to include complimentary colors) so you have some choices on your design. Generally, it these shorts better when there are more patches on front and just a few on the back, but these are your shorts so whatever design speaks to you, go for it!

Second Step: Design

Once all your patches arrive, you’ll want to lay them out on your shorts and play with different arrangements to see where best to place them. Things to look for when designing your perfect fandom patch denim shorts are (1) coordinating colors in the patches (2) and which shapes and sizes play well with each other.

Third Step: Apply Patches

This is the last step and the most time consuming. If you bought iron-on patches and can’t sew, you will need to spend time applying each patch using your iron. The patches will come with instructions–usually you simply peel off the backing and iron them on for a few minutes. Depending on the quality of the glue, if the edges peel up at the ends, you may want to sew just the corners. (Please note, best results will occur if you can fully sew the patches on instead of using an iron but ironing is just fine if you aren’t a perfectionist.)

Last Step: Rock your shorts!

Now it’s time to wear your shorts and enjoy the compliments as they roll in (and they most definitely will)! These are also great ice breakers for conventions like Comic Con, SXSW, Leakycon or anywhere fans gather. Fandom patch denim shorts are a cute look for spring/summer with sandals and a simple top (think bodysuit, crop top, white tee), and they’re also perfect for fall with a sweater and ankle boots. Really no season is a bad season show off your personality!

For more bookish DIY ideas make sure to check out DYI: Vintage + Lace-up Harry Potter Tees. Which patches do you like the best? Share them in the comments below!