How To Get Lots and Lots of Free Audiobooks

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If you love audiobooks like I do, you’re always looking for the next book to download. I’m a big fan of listening to audiobooks when driving, laying by the pool, working out, or even right before bed. Here’s some tricks I learned to get free audiobooks to add to my collection:

1. Audiobooks App

This is a great app for free audiobooks and let’s you download those classic books you’ve been meaning to read.  Whether you’re stuck in traffic, waiting for your connection or cramming for an English test—Audiobooks puts the most beloved audiobooks at your finger tips. I listened to Jack London’s CALL OF THE WILD when I first got this app and loved it! (Although, sadly, my next book after was DRACULA — a DNF.)

2. Overdrive App

Did you know that you can now download free audiobooks from the public library without ever having to leave your house? Amazing, right? All you need is a free library account and you can sign up online to borrow books and automatically download to the Overdrive app. There are tons of popular and new releases available to borrow.

3. Audible App

Okay so it’s not free for life, no, but you can get one free audiobook and a free month trial if you sign up. After that, the books are discounted significantly from the list prices you’ll find on other websites that sell audiobooks. So if you can’t find what you’re looking for at the options above, or you just want a free book this month, this is a good solution! Here’s a special code where you can get two free audiobooks — instead of just one– Rektok Ross Audible Code

PS In case you’re wondering about the picture details, I’m obsessed with Beats headphones. The sound is so clear and crisp, just great for audiobooks and music! And I’m also really into Wildfox comfy sweaters right now.

How do you get your audiobooks? Let me know in the COMMENTS below.