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If you’re an author, blogger, or creative looking for expert help to protect your most valuable works and intellectual property, I’ve got you covered! Check out my featured online courses and customizable templates below. Each course and my templates are continually updated, allow you to work at your own pace, and are jam-packed with knowledge and tips you can apply RIGHT NOW to protect your writing, blogging, or creative business.

Copyright Masterclass

In this FREE 50 minute Masterclass you’ll learn the 5 costly copyright mistakes you’re probably making right now as an author, blogger, or creative and then I’ll teach you how to fix them. This short, introductory course teaching copyright for authors, bloggers, and creatives is absolutely free but it’s only offered for a limited time. Sign up now as space is limited!

Copyright 101

My signature course teaches copyright for authors, bloggers, and creatives in an easy-to-understand, comprehensive way, giving you an in-depth look at everything you must know about copyright for your creative business. In the complicated world of copyright law, what you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in lost profits and damages. This course is essential to protect the most important asset you will ever own as a creative–your works!

Terms of Use Template

Every author, blogger, and creative absolutely must have a Terms of Use agreement on their website to protect their valuable works and their business. With my customizable Terms of Use agreement and step-by-step video  tutorial, you’ll look like a total professional and have your own Terms of Use agreement up and running on your website in under twenty minutes.

What People Are Saying About Working With Me

Anne Abreu, The App Maven

Blogger and course creator

“I came into Liani’s course wanting to learn how to better protect my blog and my online course materials and safe ways to promote my business on social media without running into any copyright infringement issues. Liani’s course was entertaining and gave me all the information I needed. I was also surprised by how much helpful sample language she gave out for me to use for my business. This course saved me a ton of money because I’d otherwise have to buy these forms online or hire an attorney. Now I have peace of mind that I’m doing things the right way!”

Hilary DeCesare, The ReLaunch Co.

Award-winning entrepreneur and executive business & lifestyle coach

“As the CEO of my own executive and lifestyle coaching business, it’s my job to make sure I’m properly protecting my company website, blog posts, videos, FB lives, and online courses. I am amazed how much I learned in Liani’s course, especially for the price. Normally, I’d pay thousands of dollars to attorneys at the big law firms for this caliber of in-depth information, actionable items, and sample language Liani shares in each module. This course is a must-have for any coach or course creator.”

Jennifer Callahan, Love Lulu

Author and blogger

“I’m a writer who is working on her first book and this course laid out everything I need to know to protect my work. Whether you’re an aspiring author, blogger, or content creator, Liani simplifies the complexities of copyright so you have a good understanding of the basics, how they apply to your creative works, what to do with common obstacles, and how to set yourself up to be protected across the board. I’ve asked around and been told that to get this insight from a lawyer would cost thousands of dollars, but Liani lays out the information in a fun, story-telling, easily applicable way, with examples to boot. Imagine your best friend is a brilliant legal consultant and established author, and you get to pick her brain on the best tips and tricks for keeping your hard work safe—that’s this course!”

Alicia von der Lieth, Whiskey & Waffles

Photographer and branding expert

“This course is seriously amazing, entertaining, interesting, and made me feel inspired to create more. I feel more confident as a creative putting my artwork out there and know the steps I need to take to keep my work safe. The module about websites was particularly helpful as I have a website and do web design. Liani made learning about copyright actually fun! There are so many great takeaways that every business owner needs to know!”

Amy Simidian, Uncommon Travel Girl

Travel blogger, career strategist

“I’m a travel blogger, career strategist, and content creator. I took this course not knowing much about copyright and wanting to understand how to best protect my writing on my blog posts and ebooks as well as the video content I create on Tik Tok and Instagram. Liani’s course was super easy to understand for someone who doesn’t know much about copyright and I found it comprehensive and even fun. By the end of Liani’s course, I felt confident as a creator and would highly recommend this course to other creators like me. 10000/10 recommend!”

Kathleen Kilanowski, Esq.

Real Estate Attorney

“I’ve known Liani for years and when she actively practiced law she was well known as a top notch intellectual property attorney, highly respected in her field. As a consultant, her work is always high quality and clients love her because she’s able to explain complex business issues in an accessible, easy-to-understand way. As a real estate and construction attorney myself my expertise is not in copyright, and I found Liani’s course incredibly useful. I’ve told all my fellow partners who are writing books to take it.”

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