The 5 Costly Copyright Mistakes You're Probably Making: For Authors, Bloggers, and Creatives

In the complicated world of copyright, what you don’t know CAN and WILL hurt you. Take my free masterclass to learn the 5 costly copyright mistakes you’re probably making as an author, blogger, or creative.

In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Why copyright is the most important protection for authors, bloggers, and creatives and the basics you meed to know right now
  • The 3 elements your creative works must have in order to be eligible for copyright protection
  • The biggest reason you shouldn’t be afraid to share your work at pitches or networking events and why failing to do so can actually hurt your chances of being successful in your creative career
  • The best ways to protect your website from copyright theft
  • The biggest mistake people make when registering their work with the copyright office (hint: it has to do with timing)
  • Why you must have a contract any time you are licensing your creative works
  • How not to get hit with a copyright claim for thousands of dollars for using the works of others like video clips, photos, songs, and lyrics in your own creative works and on your website


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