We Love Daenerys Targaryen Fashion!

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Beauty guru Michelle Phan has unveiled an amazing  tutorial on how to get that gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen look. This is perfect for that GAME OF THRONES watching party you’ve been itching to throw, a costume party, or even Halloween. But you don’t really need a special occasion  to celebrate amazing GAME OF THRONES fashion and dress up like Daenerys Targaryen the Mother of Dragons, do you?

Michelle says on her blog that she is “obsessed” with the show. (I mean, who isn’t?!) In her tutorial, Michelle explains exactly how to get Daenarys Targaryen’s look. This look, says Michelle, is “very natural: sun-kissed skin, bold brows and her signature white-blond locks.” In her video tutorial, Michelle shows you how to achieve that look, no matter what you are starting out with. Michelle covers everything from makeup to hair (spoiler alert: it’s a wig) to all the other special touches in between.

Even the pop queen herself –Madonna — recently posted a picture on Instagram where she was wearing the GAME OF THRONES look for a Purim party. According to the NY Daily News,

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Credit: Madonna/Instagram