Best YA Book Blogs

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Whether you’re a reader, a writer, or just want to know what’s new and happening in the Young Adult world, these are some of my favorite industry book blogs and websites. (Of course, there are tons of amazing ones out there and more popping up every day so this list is by no means conclusive.)

Hollywood Crush

It’s young book hollywood here all the time. If you feel like a little pop culture in your life, feel free to peruse what’s here but where the book blog really earns it money for readers and writers is in its “Page Turners” posts.  You can select this collection on the left side of the screen.  Under “Page Turners” you’ll find the latest and hottest new books, film adaptations, and (gasp) literature gossip!  Who knew that books could be so fun?

KidLit is a resource for readers/writers of young adult created by Mary Kole, a New York young adult/middle-grade author and associate agent at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency.  This is one of the best YA book blogs for great tips for aspiring writers.


GalleyCat is another blog from the MediaBistro Group.  While it’s not YA specific, they do a great job of doling out helpful publishing advice to writers and newsworthy tidbits to those who like to read about literary happenings.

All Things Urban Fantasy

We’re currently hooked on UF.  YA or adult–whatever we can get our hands on–and we’re always desperate for the Next Big Thing in the genre.   The bloggers here do a great job of mixing up old classics and new finds and each book we read from the list was great.  They also post their helpful reviews on Amazon.

There Are No Rules (Writer’s Digest Blog)

Writer’s Digest is the go-to resource for most writers and I love the “There Are No Rules” blog they put out.  It’s very cutting edge of today’s publishing trends and has helpful tips/articles on how authors can succeed in the publishing business and also offers loads of practical tools for writers.

Forever Young Adult

One of the few Award-wining YA book blogs for people who may not actually “be” young adults but like to follow the genre anyway.  For a more mature YA, it’s fairly snarky and very entertaining, and highlights the best in young adult. It even features a Vampire Diaries drinking game –not that we’re promoting drinking unless you’re legal . . .

What are some of your favorite YA book blogs? Share in the comments below.